We are «Elit Geziler» the VIP DMC in Turkey.Elit Geziler Travel is a travel agency has over 34 years of experience in the tourism & Travel industry and is a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). « Elit GezilerTravel» is a subsidiary from the marketing office in Prague, which for many years has been synonymous to the most Luxury and individual approach to the tourism industry.  In fact, our first clients were the regular Customers from Chekya . Incentive tours are one of our fields of expertise, specialized in incoming tourism for leisure, business, culture and specially Biblical tours and providing a professional service to those seeking competitively priced ground arrangement especially for Istanbul and throughout Turkey. with a young, dynamic, professional and higly motivated team who has the aim to satisfy the needs and requirements of your company .You can find out more about us by visiting our websites .We are glad to introduce our basic products, which are the executive holidays in the best 5 hotels,incentives, special interest tours, biblical tours, regular bus trips for tourist within Turkey, as well as Luxury Class yacht tours. We are striving to have your company among our partners.

  • The oldest temple in the world, Göbekli Tepe, is in Sanliurfa.

  • The House of the Virgin Mary was discovered following the dreams of Sister Emmerich in Germany.

  • In the legend of the Great Flood, after the withdrawal of the waters, Noah's Ark landed on Mount Agrı in Eastern Anatolia.

The power of shared belief has been the greatest  force forming communities throughout history.People have sought ways to reach God personally and through organized religions. But sometimes, following your religion has been hard and dangerous, forcing people to relocate or hide. Sometimes, people were forced to hide in rock-hewn caves in Cappadocia; sometimes they fled from cruelties and found respite in different lands, like Sephardic Jews who were brought to Istanbul. Some have died on behalf of God,passing their names into immortal history.Enjoy breathtaking vistas at some of the most uniquely beautiful biblical sites in Turkey. Walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and see the Aegean Sea like you've never seen it before.Reconnect with your spirituality in Turkey.Experience the history and culture and learn more about early Christianity as you visit of the places associated with the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul and the New Testament.